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Pressing Board Project

I completed a quick project today, creating a pressing board. The project was presented on Quilting Arts TV episode 1105 with guest Elizabeth Hartman from Craftsy. You can watch the episode and download the project requirements. Here is a quick rundown of the project with the needed supplies:

16"X24" piece of 1/2-inch plywood

21"X29" piece of cotton home-dec fabric

3 pieces of 19"X 27" low loft cotton batting

staple gun

duct tape -  I chose a colorful duct tape to coordinate with the fabric.

The home dec fabric is placed right side down on the work surface and the three layers of batting centered on top of it. Center the plywood on top of the batting. Trim the corners of the batting at a 45 degree angle, to eliminate the bulk. Fold the four corners of the home dec fabric toward the plywood at a 45 degree angle and staple in place. Fold the batting and the fabric to the back of the plywood board along one side, stretching the fabric a little to ensure a snug fit; staple in place. Begin the stapling at the center and work your way to the ends of the board. Repeat this on all four sides of the board. Lastly, use the duct tape to cover the raw edges of the fabric and the staples.

Front of the pressing board. Note the size compared to the cutting mat.

Back of the pressing board.

This is a great item to take along for a quilting class or retreat. It is the perfect size to press fat quarters or press seams on blocks. It is lightweight, easy to make and inexpensive.My DH cut the plywood from scraps and sanded the edges; and I used leftover home dec fabric from making drapes. This would also make a great gift for a quilting friend.

Published Sat, Jul 6 2013 2:05 PM by Pamela