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Star Spangled Penny Rug

Happy Independence Day! July fourth conjures up feelings of pride in our country among the majority. A sight of a flag flapping in the breeze or the sound of the notes from the National Anthem often bring tears to the eyes of patriotic citizens. We cannot take our freedom for granted, nor can we allow the government to diminish the principles on which it was founded.

To celebrate the day, I am posting a picture of the only red, white & blue quilted object that I have made and still own. And, actually, it's red, gold & blue - the stars are gold. The penny rug was made several years ago. I won a pattern on a bus trip. Sometimes, patterns won on bus trips and at guild meetings are poor selling items that stores are willing to part with, but  I liked this pattern. Penny rugs date back to the early 19th century and were made from wool scraps. The background was usually some other form of fabric, such as burlap. The name "penny rug" is derived from the use of a coin as a template. Circles were cut from the wool scraps and stitched to the background. Of course, in our modern era, penny rugs are much more elaborate and not just made from wool circles. Here is a look at mine. I use it to cover a side table.

These projects look quick and easy, but the stars on this project took quite a bit of time. The nice thing about working with wool is that there is no fraying, so the edges do not need turned under. All the applique is done with a blanket stitch. Candle mats are another wool project that are fun to make. I'll have to share some of those in future posts.

Enjoy your Fourth of July! And, Happy Stitching!

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I love this ,its really wonderful