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More Flowers are Blooming

My flower beds continue to bloom. Several lily plants have brightened the corners of my yard.


The fragrance of roses permeates the air. I also have a flowering plant blooming, which I purchased at a local farmer's market several years ago. I was told that it was a heliotrope, but it doesn't look like one, to me. It adds a nice purple color next to the orange lilies.


I'm continuing to work on my farm animal quilt. I finished another heart and a puppy dog. But, I need to get back to the applique borders for our guild's raffle quilt. At our guild meeting, on Tuesday, members provided nine patch blocks, along with scraps to use for the applique border. This will coordinate the border with the blocks in the quilt. Selecting which fabrics will be used for the hearts, flowers and bluebirds will add to the fun to this fast moving project. Everyone used such lovely, bright colors. The quilt will be bright and beautiful. Now, to get my portion of the border done in the next month.


Keep Stitching!

Published Thu, Jun 27 2013 5:09 AM by Pamela


# re: More Flowers are Blooming@ Thursday, June 27, 2013 9:10 AM

The purple flowers look something like my Mexican Sage.  It really brightens up my garden.


# re: More Flowers are Blooming@ Thursday, June 27, 2013 5:12 PM

It doesn't have sage leaves on it and I'm pretty sure that it isn't an herb.