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Mini Quilt Auction

Our local guild holds an annual mini quilt auction in May, to raise money for bringing in speakers. Tuesday was the event and I came home with a 14" X 14" candle rug. I expected to pay more, but there were only two other bids, so I paid only $20 for it. Usually we have a live auction, but the board was unable to acquire an auctioneer for the event. I was disappointed, since it's much more fun to bid against someone. Items were sold through a silent auction bid. Likely we did not raise as much money for our speaker fund, but the total hasn't been revealed yet. Here is the mini quilt I purchased.

The little wool flowers drew me to this quilt. Green beads decorate the flower centers. The colors work well in my living room, where I plan to hang it on the wall.

Although, this is an annual guild auction, I see that I haven't blogged about this event before today. I have purchased a few mini quilts over the years, and also donated a few. My favorite purchase is from the 2011 auction.

The quilt measures only 12" X 12" with a mitered border, using an edge printed fabric. The two bluebirds are hand appliqued on a cherry branch. The cherries are about 1/2-inch across. The quilt maker echo quilted around the shapes at quarter inch intervals. I really wanted this quilt and paid $60 for it.

The weather has been warm and breezy today. My irises are in bloom and the rose bush has lots & lots of buds. Because of my surgery, I haven't been able to do much in the gardening arena. I hope to enlist my husband to loosen up the soil in two of the flower beds, so that I can plant some annuals this week-end.


Published Fri, May 31 2013 8:59 PM by Pamela