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FMQ on Touch & Feel Baby Quilt

My two sisters and I completed a quilt together to commenmorate the birth of a great-niece. We collaborated on making the individual blocks. Then, I put the quilt together with sashing and an outside border. Next, my younger sister completed the free-motion quilting. Finally, my older sister attached the binding. Here is the completed quilt, awaiting a label, before my younger sister flies across the country to hand deliver the quilt.

I have included several close-up pictures of the individual blocks, so that you can see the FMQ that my sister completed. She developed the designs herself, to go along with each block. She has only been FMQ , for that matter-quilting, for a couple of years. She is definitely the artiste in the family.


A fence behind the pig.

The butterfly flutters among flowers.

A meadow scene complete with sun and clouds.

Leaves. Check out the flowers in the cornerstones and the loops in the sashing.

Nothing special...just lots of closely spaced meandeirng lines, and a hunk of cheese.

Carrots for the bunny. Also, note the leaves and loops quilting in the border.

More flowers.

Balls of yarn unwinding around the block.

Here are a couple of pictures from the back of the quilt, showing the quilting stitches.

Collaborating on a quilt with sister, or friends, can be a rewarding experience. Each individual is able to "shine" in their area of expertise.

Happy Stitching!

Published Thu, Feb 28 2013 8:00 PM by Pamela