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Numerical Quilts

Our Mid-Michigan Quilters' Guild is stitching up more quilts for education. This time, the mini quilts are blocks representing numbers from one to thirty. Our Education Committee put together kits using bright solids with a number template. Members just have to add the number, along with as many buttons. The mini quilts finish to a twelve-inch size and must be quilted and finished with binding. I chose number one, then decided that putting together a quilt with just one button was simple enough that I would do two number quilts. The next available number was fiften.

The only creative part of designing the quilt was the choice of number fabric, buttons and quilting. I chose a fabric to coordinate with the solid and the buttons. The number had to be placed in the upper left corner on all the quilts. Mine are machine stitched using a blanket stitch for the number one and a zigzag stitch for the number fifteen. I arranged the buttons on the number fifteen quilt to look like a star, while the number one is just a large button in the center of the quilt.


 After securely attaching the buttons, I pinned the blocks together for quilting.

 I used micro-stippling throughout the block, although I did outline the numbers. I trimmed the batting to 1/4-inch beyond the quilt top and the backing to one inch. Then, I folded the backing to the front and used 1/4-inch fuseable tape to hold it in place. Lastly, the edge was finished with a straight stitch along the edge of the turnover binding. Here are the two finished Numberical Quilts.


After selecting the fabrics and buttons, the mini quilts were quick and easy to make using a few spare hours over a span of three days. Children at the Discovery Museum will enjoy playing with these blocks.

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Happy Stitching!

Published Sat, Feb 9 2013 7:06 AM by Pamela