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Sue's Saturday Morning Musings 2

The last seven days have been very busy. And, the holiday season isn't officially begun, although you cannot tell that by the Christmas displays in stores. I have been busy planning my Christmas gift giving projects. Last Friday, I got together with my two sisters for our first Saturday of the month sewing day. My youngest sister worked on a baby quilt for a co-worker, while my older sister worked on our group baby quilt project. I spent my time cutting out flannel pajama pants and jersey tops for each of my grandchildren for Christmas. Sunday, I put together my last baby quilt block. Here are the latest installment of blocks for our nephew's baby quilt. You can view the previous blocks at my Baby Quilt Blocks post. I made the purple cat from a scrap of shiny costume fabric. Pink velvet was used for the ears and nose, while cottons were added for other features. Black embroidery floss accented the body and face. My older sister made the other three blocks, which are talked about in the previous post.

I received my autographed copy of the latest Elm Creek Quilts novel, The Giving Quilt, in the mail Wednesday. I ordered the book from a Wisconsin book shop that hosted Jennifer Chiaverini for a book signing. By placing my order in advance of the signing, I was able to receive an autographed copy, along with a limited edition pin. I haven't started reading the book, since I have too many sewing projects going to find time to read.

Yesterday, my three-and-a-half-year-old granddaughter had T&A surgery - tonsils & adenoids. She did very well at the hospital, but Mom & Dad are having to provide lots of TLC now that she is home. Grandpa & Grandma brought her some rainbow flavored popsicles to help soothe her sore throat. This morning, I have been going through my fabric stash; pulling out larger pieces of fabric that will make pillowcases. I plan to make several for all of my niece Steph's girls. She has two girls of her own and her husband has four girls. I will purchase books for Christmas, that will be wrapped inside each pillowcase. Today will be the day to get all those pillowcases cut out.

I also shopped at JoAnn's last week-end and picked out some fabric for a dress. I plan to make each of my granddaughters a holiday dress. This has been a tradition for me since my own girls were young. Hopefully, I will find time to cut out the dresses today, but, if not, I have Monday off from work and can get the cutting done then. Sewing on all these projects will commence on Thanksgiving week-end. My sisters and I have begun a tradition of a Black Friday Sewing Day. None of us cares to be in the stores shopping, so be began a sewing day several years ago.

Enjoy your week-end!

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What a lovely way to spend black friday!!