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Bee-tique Fundraiser

The second annual Michigan Quilt Network Showcase retreat was another success, this past week-end. I was responsible, again, for fundraising efforts. Whereas, last year we made Silent Auction Baskets; this year featured a Bee-tique. What's a Bee-tique, you say? Well, our theme engaged the word "be" throughout, so a "bee" seemed the logical choice for decoration. The Bee-tique evolved from our annual Garage Sale to a more upscale boutique. Items were packaged and marked in advance, with stylish merchandising. Check out some of the displays.


 Some quilters made "bee" themed pincusions, button jars, and other items to sell. Other items included bags, wall-hangings, fabric bundles, and guild logo merchandise.

Books, patterns, fabric, and notions were orgnaized into baskets and tins, priced to sell. No more bidding; just purchase the item for a bargain price.

All the items for the Bee-tique are donated. Our guild made over $750 from the sales. I would say it was a success.

Happy Stitching!

Published Mon, Oct 29 2012 8:49 PM by Pamela