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Sue's Saturday Morning Musings

I just mailed out my MQN region newsletter; three weeks later than I planned. I needed to finish the last Mystery Quilt step before printing it and that required that I have enough of the quilt completed to photograph that step. I have, as usual, too many projects on my plate. One of my many flaws is to say "yes" when asked to do something; anything. This leads to more projects than I have time to spare. To manage all these committments, I must break them up into smaller sections. Thus, I create my 'To Do List' to keep myself organized and stay on task. Otherwise, I can feel overwelmed and end up doing absolutely nothing. Of course, this leads to procrastination, as I cannot move onto completing the next item on my list until the previous item is finished.

Overcommittment and procrastination regulary keep company with me. As well, finishing projects often eludes me, due to my tendency toward perfectionism. Thus, the newsletter was at the end of August (it's actually September today) instead of the beginning of August. I cannot count the number of quilt projects that I have waiting to be finished. Actually, I can count them, because I have. My list continues to grow, even though I seem to take a few off each year.

Next on my 'To Do List' is to complete my grandson's baby quilt. I have one block that still requires a portion appliqued. The borders need to be cut. I did put together most of the blocks into rows, with one row waiting for this last block. My goal is to have it finished by the end of the holiday week-end. I have two other quilt projects with completion dates fast approaching. The problem when you say 'yes'; other people do not extend their deadlines like I do continually extend mine.

I see, in the Jo-Ann's flyer, that there is a Singer Futura embroidery machine on sale with embroidery design CDs available as a mail-in gift after the purchase. Wish I had some extra money. Now that I have three grandchildren, I would like to have an embroidery machine to make designs to add to clothing and quilts. The large, expensive machines are beyond what I want to spend. But, this one is only $700. Plus, Singer has always been a good brand for me. I sewed on a Singer, as a child in 4-H. The first sewing machine I owned was a Singer. My Singer collection also includes my Grandmother's Athena and a early 1900's treadle, purchased at an estate/yard sale. And, my husband gave me a gift of a 1951 Featherweight on our 25th wedding anniversary.


I don't believe that I have shown a picture of my Featherweight in my blog. It also came with the case and accessories.

Well, here I am on a Saturday morning, writing a blog post rather than cleaning or sewing. There I go procrastinating again, sort of. My list for today included writing a blog post, so now I have one more item checked off. Yeah! Enjoy your holiday week-end. I'm going downstairs to start some laundry before I pick up that block to applique.


Published Sat, Sep 1 2012 10:28 AM by Pamela


# re: Sue's Saturday Morning Musings@ Tuesday, September 4, 2012 8:51 PM

Sometimes writing the blog gets your thoughts on paper and you can see more clearly what you need to do first to get your day started.

I noticed I haven't blogged since May. It's like the words have stopped. Keep yours going so I can keep reading.

God's blessing and peace.