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September 2012 - Posts

My Favorite Earrings

It's a beautiful September day. Just right for outdoor activities like golf or football. Maybe you'll be taking in a craft show, like I plan to do this week-end. My DH and I plan to meet up with our daughter and son-in-law to enjoy lunch and some local festivities. Of course, that means we get to see our grandson. I have the advantage of seeing him more frequently than my DH, since I stop by my daughter's at least once weekly after work. They live about 50 miles south of us, so that deters us from just stopping by, like we often do with my other daughter. My DH enjoys spending time with the grandchildren and seeing his daughters, so today is special for him.

My grandson is growing so much. He coos and sputters little noises. And he smiles and spits up, too. When I stopped to see him last week, his Mommy was feeding him a bottle. As soon as he heard my voice, he kept tipping his head backwards to try and see me. He didn't eat much after I arrived, much to his mother's chagrin. Whenever he gets his diaper changed, he cranes his neck back to look at the quilt on the wall of his bedroom. Everything is decorated in a jungle theme and the quilt fits right in, even though it is one I gave to may daughter year's ago.

I picked up the pattern in Chicago 2004 at the Quilt Expo I attended. My daughter collects giraffes and the quilt was perfect for her. I was able to find fabrics  that duplicated the design quite well, using a similar batik for the background. The "earring" butterflies were made from a mottled batik and a black fabric with small white dots. Everything was fused into place and raw edge machine appliqued. I enjoyed making this quilt. It is one of the first quilts that I free-motioned quilted on my domestic machine. The finished size is 40"X43".

My Favorite Earrings! by Sandy Fitzpatrick of Hissyfitz Designs

Enjoy your week-end!

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MQN Mystery Quilt - Making the Block & Reveal

Making the Block:

We are about to put together the mystery quilt blocks. Have you figured out the block pattern? Let's put together our Mystery Block!

Putting together the Block Rows

1)      Stitch Row 1 to Row 2 –

Row 1 is shorter than Row 2, so place it on top. Match the rows at the center triangle tips, being sure to join the rows with a pin through the tips. This ensures that one tip will not be cut off. Match the seams and overlap Row 1 by ¼ inch past the seam of Row 2, pinning to secure while stitching.


I place a pin through the tip of each triangle, but do not put it back through the fabric. Then, I place a pin on either side of the center to anchor the fabric. Finally, I remove the pin through the tips.

2)      Stitch rows together; press seams toward Row 1.

3)      Stitch the combined Rows 1 & 2 to Row 3 –

Row 2 and Row 3 are the same length, so it doesn’t matter from which side of the seam you sew. Determine if either side appears longer and place that side of the seam down. This will allow the feed dogs to ease the seam as you stitch. Match the seams and pin together.

4)      Stitch rows together; press seams toward Row 2.


Finishing the Block

1)      Go to Clue baggies #4 and #5. Remove the remaining 3-1/2 inch squares. Using your rotary cutter and a ruler, cut the squares at a 45 degree angle through the center, forming two triangles. These are the corners of the block.

2)      Stitch the corner triangles to the block rows. Place the long edge of the triangle to the matching fabric end of Row 3 or the side of Row 1. Center the triangle by matching the points and creasing in the center. Place the crease at the seam of the row triangles. Pin in place.

3)      Stitch; press seams toward the corner triangles.

4)      Place the completed block onto your cutting mat with the block on the diagonal. Center a square ruler on the block, so that the previously sewn triangles form the block corners. The light squares will extend beyond the ruler. Trim these triangles along the edge of the ruler. My blocks measure 11-3/4 inches. Trim all blocks to the same size.


You have completed your first Godey’s Lady Book mystery block. Sarah Josepha Hale was the editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book in the mid-1800’s. The block, in the collection of Carrie Hall blocks at the Spencer Museum of Art, is done in two colors. I preferred the look of the Godey’s Lady’s Book block portrayed on the side of the Lytton Library in Iowa to make this mystery quilt. Finish making all your blocks. Then, get ready to put them together.

Happy Stitching!

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Heartland Trail Bicycle Trip

My DH and I completed a 20 mile ride, on the Meijer Heartland Rail Trail, last Sunday afternoon. We had been preparing for this ride for several weeks. However, we had not accomplished such a long trek. It was a beautiful day and the trail was easy to ride upon - no hills. It was very serene. We stopped half way, for a break and snack, at the city park gazebo. We watched a great blue heron scoop fish out of the pond before flying off. Then, we rode back the way we came. What a delightful day.

We're already planning our next big outing. We want to eventually ride the entire Meijer Heartland Rail Trail loop from Alma to Greenville, a centruy ride. For those who don't speak cycling, that's 100 miles. We probably won't do that until next summer, over two days. This 50-year-old grandma still has it!

I got a package in the mail today from Ethelbird & Eliza Kids Fabric online fabric shop. They are right here in Lansing, Michigan. I purchased backing fabric for my Hungry Catepillar quilt. Very Hungry Caterpillar Numbers Blue Here's what the backing fabric looks like. I finished the top and will have my long-arm friend quilt it. Just have to piece the backing and make the binding before sending it off.


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Sue's Saturday Morning Musings

I just mailed out my MQN region newsletter; three weeks later than I planned. I needed to finish the last Mystery Quilt step before printing it and that required that I have enough of the quilt completed to photograph that step. I have, as usual, too many projects on my plate. One of my many flaws is to say "yes" when asked to do something; anything. This leads to more projects than I have time to spare. To manage all these committments, I must break them up into smaller sections. Thus, I create my 'To Do List' to keep myself organized and stay on task. Otherwise, I can feel overwelmed and end up doing absolutely nothing. Of course, this leads to procrastination, as I cannot move onto completing the next item on my list until the previous item is finished.

Overcommittment and procrastination regulary keep company with me. As well, finishing projects often eludes me, due to my tendency toward perfectionism. Thus, the newsletter was at the end of August (it's actually September today) instead of the beginning of August. I cannot count the number of quilt projects that I have waiting to be finished. Actually, I can count them, because I have. My list continues to grow, even though I seem to take a few off each year.

Next on my 'To Do List' is to complete my grandson's baby quilt. I have one block that still requires a portion appliqued. The borders need to be cut. I did put together most of the blocks into rows, with one row waiting for this last block. My goal is to have it finished by the end of the holiday week-end. I have two other quilt projects with completion dates fast approaching. The problem when you say 'yes'; other people do not extend their deadlines like I do continually extend mine.

I see, in the Jo-Ann's flyer, that there is a Singer Futura embroidery machine on sale with embroidery design CDs available as a mail-in gift after the purchase. Wish I had some extra money. Now that I have three grandchildren, I would like to have an embroidery machine to make designs to add to clothing and quilts. The large, expensive machines are beyond what I want to spend. But, this one is only $700. Plus, Singer has always been a good brand for me. I sewed on a Singer, as a child in 4-H. The first sewing machine I owned was a Singer. My Singer collection also includes my Grandmother's Athena and a early 1900's treadle, purchased at an estate/yard sale. And, my husband gave me a gift of a 1951 Featherweight on our 25th wedding anniversary.


I don't believe that I have shown a picture of my Featherweight in my blog. It also came with the case and accessories.

Well, here I am on a Saturday morning, writing a blog post rather than cleaning or sewing. There I go procrastinating again, sort of. My list for today included writing a blog post, so now I have one more item checked off. Yeah! Enjoy your holiday week-end. I'm going downstairs to start some laundry before I pick up that block to applique.


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