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Friday with My Sisters

Friday morning is finally here. I am off to Grand Rapids (Michigan) to the AQS show. I have been looking forward to this event for many months. I am most excited about having my youngest sister along. Having never been to a national quilt show, I believe she will be blown away.

She only began quilting with my older sister and I a couple of years ago. She finds machine quilting fascinating and wants to get a long-arm. She has quilted several small items on her domestic machine, a Brother that she purchased last year, and her quilting is phenomonal. She was always the drawing talent in the family. Do any of you recall the gridded drawings in the newspaper? If you followed the lines in the grid, you could duplicate the picture into a larger size. My Dad was always good at that and encouraged all of us to give it a try. My drawings were a little disproportionate. But, my younger sister could nearly freehand without paying much attention to the lines in the grid.

Well, her quilting is the same way. She has already begun creating her own designs. She did a beautiful baby quilt for my daughter. The quilt was just charm squares, but she created wonderful designs in the center and along the borders of the quilt. So, she will be checking out all the long-arm machines at the show. I hope to find some fabulous fabrics, even if it is to just touch them and drool. I have a limited budget and fabric is soooo expensive. Hopefully, someone has a good show deal on fat quarters.

Happy Friday!

Published Fri, Aug 24 2012 6:33 AM by Pamela


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I hope you had a great time at the show with your sister,