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Saturday Sewing with my Sisters

Today was one of those Saturdays when my two sisters and I get together and sew. I hosted this time, so I had to get my table space cleared, so that I could share it with both of them. We started at about 10 am and they packed up and went home just before 5 pm.

We each accomplished something. My younger sister stitched together a fleece housecoat that she cut out last year. She finished her husband's housecoat, but her own remained a UFO until today. My older sister brought projects that she's had cut out from Groovy Girls meetings. She finished a Zippy Stripy bag like I had made for gifts last Christmas. She also completed most of a Pocket Rollup. Both patterns are Atkinson Designs.

I decided that every time that we sisters get together to sew, I had to work on part of a UFO. I pulled out a tote with a quilt I started in a Mystery class taught by a quilt friend in the 1990's. I stitched and pressed several 2 inch, 4-patches for the center of the blocks. I also worked on my MQN mystery quilt. Finally, I showed my sisters a fun and easy block that the speaker taught at my Michigan Quilt Network Region meeting last Saturday.

Using a light and dark fabric, stitch two 8 inch squares, with right sides together, along all sides; leaving a 2 inch opening on the bottom left and the upper right side. Cut the stitched squares from corner to corner opposite the corners with the openings, to make two triangles. Line the triangles up on top of each other. Without moving the triangles, make a cut two inches in from the bottom, and another cut two inches in from the side. Now you have all the block sections needed to make the Magic Block. Use the two patch squares to make a 4-patch for the center of the block. Stitch two of the rail strips to the center 4-patch, being sure to alternate the dark and light sections. Stitch a triangle to each side of the remaining two rail strips, again, alternating lights and darks. Finally, sew the two previous rail strips with triangles to the center strip with the 4-patch center. The block appears on point during construction.

Here is the sample block I made. If you set blocks together alternating the dark and light side triangles, you will get a different look than if you set them together so that the dark triangles match the darks and the light triangles match the lights.

After all the sewing was put away, my DH and I went cycling. We haven't been able to ride with so much rainy weather. Our county was under a flood warning yesterday. I worried that the five mile rides that we had worked up to would be difficult with the four day break since our last outing. But, we easily completed the ride, with minimal huffing and puffing. We are definitely building up our endurance for the trek down the Meijer Heartland Trail, planned for Labor Day week-end. We enjoyed homemade navy bean soup for our supper, afterward.

Keep on Stitching!

Published Sat, Aug 11 2012 7:24 PM by Pamela


# re: Saturday Sewing with my Sisters@ Tuesday, August 14, 2012 5:18 AM

you have a very happy life! Enjoy it to it's fullest! May God continue to shine down upon you. Amen.


# re: Saturday Sewing with my Sisters@ Monday, January 14, 2013 7:22 AM

I love that block. Hmmmm maybe I need to add it to my quilty bucket list!