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MQN Mystery Quilt - Step 5 Piecing Instructions

We are in the homestretch to complete the mystery quilt. Here is the piecing for the last row of the block.

Clue to the pattern:

The hexagon quilt is thought to be the first published quilt pattern, published in 1835 in the previously mentioned magazine. The hexagon is also known as the honeycomb or six-sided patchwork block. Most of you know it best as Grandmother’s Flower Garden.

Step 5 Piecing Instructions:

1)      Go to Clue #3 baggie and remove the remaining HST sections that look like flying geese. These are sections with a warm color triangle in the center and the cool color #1 side sections. Go to Clue #5 baggie and remove the HST sections. These also look like flying geese sections with the cool color #2 triangle in the center.

2)      Place the sections so that the center triangles face to the outside and the tips of the triangles touch. Because the seams are pressed open, you will easily be able to match the triangle points. Pin the sections together at the triangle points and at either side. Stitch the seam. Repeat with all remaining HST flying geese sections.

3)      Press seams toward the side with the warm color triangle. The resulting section is now a 4-1/2” square.

4)      Go to Clue #2 baggie and remove the 4-1/2” light squares. Make a row using the light square in the center and a pieced square from above on either side. Piece so that the warm color triangle is next to the light square on each side, while the cool color #2 triangle faces the outside. Stitch the seam; repeat using all the 4-1/2” light squares and stitched HST squares from above.

5)      Press seams in toward the light center square. This is the third completed row of the block.


The next step will put together the block and reveal the block name.

Happy Stitching!

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