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Summer Daze

One can tell summer is winding down when the sunset causes light to fade before 9 PM. The hot days of June, with the sun brighter and longer, are beginning to dim. Back-to-school sales are advertised on television and in the newspapers; and football practice will begin soon. August is more hushed, with laziness and monotony dulling the senses. Children begin to long for interaction with friends and anticipate beginning another school year. Week-end trips to the lake are mingled with packing up belongings and shutting up the summer house. Recall the scene from Pride and Prejudice when Mr. Bingley and his sisters return to London, leaving the furniture covered in sheets and the hearts of the Bennett sisters forlorn. That is the feeling one begins to sense as the summer draws to an end - sadness and longing for what has gone away.

Of course, I am of the disposition to anticipate the end of summer. I prefer the crispness of Fall, with it's colorful foliage, bountiful fresh foods, and bonfires. My DH and I have begun some serious cycling. We purchased bicycles last Spring and have been taking short jaunts around town. But, during our camping trip, we enjoyed daily rides around the campground and noticed a couple of bike trails on the drive home. We decided that our next vacation would be a bike trip. Michigan has a lot of Rail Trails, with one close to home. We've started training for an 18.7 mile trek down a portion of the Meijer Heartland Rail Trail. Last week-end, we purchased bike helmets and attached water bottles to our bikes. We have trekked four and five miles, on an every other day basis, for the last week. The plan is to increase two miles weekly, as we build our strength and stamina. We're definitely having fun together while making plans for a Labor Day week-end trip.

Enjoy the rest of your summer! 


Published Wed, Aug 1 2012 8:47 PM by Pamela


# re: Summer Daze@ Friday, August 3, 2012 4:32 PM

Pam. Oh, how I enjoy your blogs...your summers sound like so much fun, and now the planning for the bike hike. My boys and I used to do that. Then you always seem to mention one of my favorite books...this time one of my most favorite, "Pride and Prejudice". My favorite of that era is "Jane Eyre". I have the movie...I pray it never goes out of production!!!  Thank you for your joyful sharing. God's blessings to you and your family.

Hugs,,too. Linda