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Sue's Sunday Morning Musings 5

A light rain showered the landscape yesterday afternoon, and today, there is a cool breeze blowing. A bit of a reprieve from the hot, humid weather everyone has been experiencing. As the day progresses, I'm certain that the heat will again make it more comfortable to stay indoors. This morning, I spent time reading a couple of blogs. I have been following the 1812 War & Piecing blog by Barbara Brackman. If you are interested in quilt history, this one is a good read.

I visited my two granddaughers yesterday. The youngest is four months old today. She has become more interactive, grasping onto anything within reach. She has a toy with a steering wheel, knobs and push buttons that plays music and makes car sounds. We sat on the floor and played with it for quite awhile. She also likes to grasp her rattles. Of course, everything still goes into her mouth. Speaking of her mouth, she has two teeth and another one coming in, already. Her sister and I danced around the room and she had to show me her new two-wheel bicycle with the training wheels. It's too warm to go outside, so Mom & Dad have it in the basement. Safer, as well.

For any of you with grandchildren, you will understand when I say that I am finding less and less time for myself. I plan one day a week to stop after work and visit my eldest daugher and my grandson, who is growing tremendously. I must say, he is quite different from his cousin, who is only 1-1/2 months older. He doesn't engage with me as much. I find that he is always turning his head and looking away from me when I hold him. Maybe this is the difference between boys and girls, but I haven't ever had a boy to make the distinction.

 Although my grandchildren are taking more of my time, I am still finding time to quilt. This week, I have been basting my five fruit and number pieces onto the Hungry Catepillar quilt blocks and have started the hand applique. Today, I plan to make bias tubes, for the vines on my applique heart quilts. Both of these quilts will be my take-along projects, when my husband and I go camping later this summer. One of the benefits of doing hand applique is that they are portable projects. I'm also planning on taking my Featherweight, plus my mat and rotary cutter. I'm probably planning more projects than I will have time to complete, but I want to be able to switch activities once in awhile.

We are taking our bicycles along on the trip, but mostly we'll be relaxing around a campfire, or visiting with family and friends that are camping with us. We are hoping to hit some garage sales and do some letterboxing. Look that one up, if you're curious. My younger brother got me interested in this activity. Summer is moving along fast. Hope you're enjoying yours.

Happy Stitching!


Published Sun, Jul 15 2012 8:48 AM by Pamela