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Folk-Art style Mola Applique Heart Block

I am amazed that I have been able to keep up with making two blocks in my guilds Applique Club project. Yet, here I am with the second Mola block finished. This is the first time that I used the exact same pattern for the heart design. For each of the other blocks, I modified the design. I could tell you that I planned it that way. But, I was caught up in tracing my design onto the fabric that I forgot to make a different design for the second block.


I have kept to the theme of using wool and plaids in the applique blocks. However, I found it more difficult to applique the homespun plaids in the Mola design. The homespuns want to stretch across the bias more than cottons. You can see that my designs lost some of their shape. As well, they can only be snipped in small sections, since they are loosely woven. The edges raveled easily and I had to tuck the edges carefully and make closer stitches. Overall, I am pleased with the result. Since my quilt is intended to be a folk-art style, fine stitching is not a necessity. In fact, the design flaws give more character to the design.

After writing about quilt labels, I got to looking at the labels on the quilts hanging on my walls. One of my oldest labels is dated "1997", but I know there are quilts prior to that time that I also added labels. The quilt labels made for a mini quilt show of their own, which got me to thinking, I should take photos of my labels, as well as, my quilts. Look for a future blog about more quilt labels. I want to share them with all of you.

Happy stitching!

Published Fri, Apr 6 2012 8:27 AM by Pamela