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Modern Sue is a Grandmother, again

Life has a way of keeping us busy. And what a joy when that involves little babies. My new baby granddaughter, Carly Mae, is a week old tonight. Grandma has been busy. Her three-year-old sister spent three days and two nights at Grandma & Grandpa's house. Now, I know why we have children when we are young. By Sunday night, I was exhausted. Check out my new avatar to get a glimpse of my sweetheart.

Baby & Mommy stayed at the hospital a little longer than planned. CM had an elevated temperature and none of the tests could explain why. As a precaution, the doctors placed her on an antibiotic. Poor girl, she had to be poked far too many times for being so little. Labs, IVs; they even wanted to do a spinal tap. The pediatrician said she was "too strong" and decided not to try again after the second attempt. CM pulled out her IV, so they placed it in her tiny head. She caused such a raucous in the nursery, the pediatrician sent her out to Mommy's room. What a trooper. She sure let them know what she thought of all they were doing. Even though Mommy was discharged, they let her with the baby the entire time.

They both came home on Tuesday. Mom & baby are doing fine. Got home a little while ago from visiting her and her big sis. She is such a sweetie. She fussed, but Grandma was able to settle her down, for awhile. She kept opening her eyes and looking at me. I'm so blessed.

I'll get back to some quilting topics soon. I have the next applique heart block completed. I did some spray starch research. And, I need to follow-up with the next Mystery Quilt step.

Until then... Happy Stitching.

Published Thu, Mar 22 2012 8:43 PM by Pamela


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