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I am sitting at my computer with the sun streaming through the upstairs window. The sunlight is decieving, though, with a crispness in the air. Flowers are peeking out of my beds, rushing Spring along. I suspect that we will have more snow and frost before it finally arrives -  as the adage goes, when March comes in like a lamb, it goes out like a lion.

Today, I need to pick up my Mystery Quilt project and get the next step out to my MQN quilt group. I have far too many projects going that require finishing with deadlines. Weekly, I must plan out my sewing schedule, in order to meet these deadlines. It keeps me sewing, but I miss out on QCA. I see that I am behind in reading about the next QCA Mystery Quilt. Likely, I will not be able to participate. I did just finish my MQ V, but have other projects waiting to be started. Namely, a quilt for my expectant grandson, due in May.

I have fabrics selected for this quilt, but am still planning the design of the quilt. My daughter is an avid reader. She was planning to study to be an elementary school teacher, and selected a fabric panel depicting Eric Carle pictures from The Hungry Catepillar to make a wallhanging for her future classroom. During a bus trip to the Des Moines AQS show in 2010, I purchased coordinating fabrics. I have decided to use these fabrics to make the baby quilt for her first child. She had asked me quite some time ago to make this, so my daughter has probably long forgotten about the fabric panel. I'm hoping it will be a surprise.


These colors are so bright and will make a wonderful quilt for a child. I recently found the purple fabric online at Ethelbird & Eliza Kids Fabrics. I have purchased fabrics from them in the past and have been very pleased. And, they are a Michigan company, so I am supporting my LQS, so to speak. I have solicited ideas from some of my quilt friends. So far, the plan is to use the large panel shapes with smaller blocks surrounding them to fill in the needed space. I am planning to purchase a neutral color, likely white, to make pinwheels. I am also thinking of adding some tumbling blocks somehow. The dot fabric will be used in the border. I'm still accepting any ideas, so give me your thoughts.

I am also working on finishing the embroidery on a wallhanging that will have the baby information for my youngest daughter's baby. Unfortunately, I cannot add the baby name, birthdate, and weight information until after the baby is born. But, we are close, since she was due last Wednesday. Patiently waiting.

I also began a "research" project, yesterday. Many of you are familiar with Mary Ellen's Best Press. I have not been a fabric starcher for my sewing projects, and do not care to spend the money for this product. However, I have a project that calls for using it on the fabric in making a scalloped border and I can see the benefits to this step. I have purchased pre-made starch in an aersol can to use when pressing my dresser cloths, but decided to find alternate ways to produce a product for use in this project. I did an online search for starch and Best Press recipes and am testing out some of them. I prepared four different products yesterday and tried them out on pieces of muslin fabric. Since everyone has a different idea of what they are looking for in a fabric starch, I hope to make conclusions about the recipes, so that others can decide what will work best for their sewing needs. I also plan to do a cost analysis. Check back at a later date, if you are interested in my "research".

Well, there is Sue's agenda for the remainder of the day. I may have to take a walk in the sunshine, as well. I cannot resist the call of Spring.


Published Sun, Mar 11 2012 1:11 PM by Pamela


# re: Sue's Sunday Sewing & Other Such Things@ Sunday, March 11, 2012 3:17 PM

I'm always interest in using something new. So far I've only used a fabric starch in one project in all the years I've been quilting (40+). I finally had to throw the starch out because it was getting so old. But if there is something that can be made from everyday household products, I'm all for it. Enjoy your down to earth blogs.