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Mystery Quilt - Fabric Cutting Tips

Before we get to cutting the fabric, I want to share how I prepare my fabric for the cutting process and the process I use when cutting. You may have ways of preparing your fabric, as well, but I am sharing mine for others that may not have considered these points.

1) First, I always wash and press my fabric before beginning a project. You may choose to use the fabric, as purchased. Be sure to square up your fabric, regardless of whether or not you pre-wash.

2) Ensure the fabric is folded straight and square up your fabric edge before cutting. Some fabrics can be folded with a crease down the center that is not straight. This will cause wonky strips that do not sew togeher well.

3) Extra fabric has been considered to allow for shrinkage, should you pre-wash, and for uneven fabric cuts.

4) Calculations are based upon a 40 inch usable strip. You may be able to cut fewer strips of fabric if your width of fabric (WOF) less the selvedge is 42 inches.

5) Cutting directions are across the WOF first, followed by sub-cuts of the WOF strips. Cut fabric from the selvedge end, rather than the folded end. This will allow additional pieces to be cut by opening the fold.

6) Cutting for the interior of the quilt is given here. Put aside extra fabric to cut borders and binding.

So, get your fabric pre-washed and pressed, and get your brain sharpened and we'll get this mystery quilt started. Actual cutting will be in the next blog post.

Published Fri, Feb 17 2012 8:12 PM by Pamela