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So, today is another Sunday. Snow is blanketed across the landscape of mid-Michigan. That makes today a wonderful day to stay inside and work on a sewing project. Each week, I determine what project I will work on Sunday afternoon, while my husband is off working. Today, is bibs. The Groovy Girls Club project for January is baby bibs and baby quilts. Since I have two grandbabies due this Spring, why not make a few bibs. You can never have enough of them. My older sister visited yesterday and helped me pick out color combinations from my stash. I have begun putting them together, today. They are a simple Atkinson Designs project. Her patterns always offer a step that saves time and headache, which is why I like them. However, she always uses more fabric than necessary and causes scrap waste. That might not be so bad, since I like to make scrap quilts. But, I have enough scraps to last my lifetime after more than 30 years of collecting them.

My email this week had a note from Jennifer Chiaverini about her latest Elm Creek Quilts book coming out soon. I haven't finished the book I got for Christmas, because I am spending more time reading my Bible at night and sewing in my spare time during the day. I guess I need to finish the book, so I can begin her next book in the series, when it comes out.

Today, I caught up on reading Barbara Brackman's blog titled 1812 War & Piecing. She provides a rich history of quilting from that time period, while offering ideas for re-creating a quilt of your own. I am so enjoying reading her blog. Anyone interested in quilt history will find her blog worth reading.

I had my surgical check-up on Friday. This was my third appointment, with the surgeon canceling the first two due to illness. My surgical wound has healed well and he snipped the outside stitches that continued to bother me. I will be having labs in two months, with a follow-up to determine whether or not I will need thyroid medication. I recently blogged about the doldrums, but have to say that this week I am feeling great. I no longer have the worn down feeling, so it likely was related to the recent surgery. If I begin to feel tired again, then, I will know that my thyroid is not working adequately. Here's praying that my recovery will be full and pills will not be necessary. Besides, I have other concerns. My granddaughter was leaving the surgeon's office as I arrived. We are seeing the same ENT and he is recommending that she have out her tonsils and adenoids. We will be praying for her and her physical needs. Three is so young to have to endure surgery. However, since it is elective, it may have to be put off, since the soonest they can schedule the surgery is just a week before mom (my daughter) is due with her second child.

Hope your life is filled with stitches. Now, I'm back to my sewing machine to finish a couple of bibs.

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Keeping you in my prayers. I have a low thyroid function due to fibromyalgia. Take care. Hugs. Linda