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Sue's Week-end

My week-end started Friday afternoon with a road trip to Grayling for a Michigan Quilt Network board meeting. Luckily, I rode with my quilt friend and roommate, so that I didn't have to do the driving. The countryside became whiter and whiter as we drove. The secondary mode of transportation in the area was on a snowmobile. They were everywhere and the town was busy with tourists. We dined at the the hotel restaurant next door and received the worst service, but the food was tasty.

Friday night's meeting included a Show & Tell session. Always a favorite among quilters, I most enjoyed the antique mola shown by a member and their paper pieced large-size quilt of marinar's compass- like stars. The colors were stunning and the quilting gorgeous. This gentleman does a beautiful job with his quilts and had, and has, some of his work displayed in some national quilt shows.

Saturday involved the usual stuff you talk about at board meetings. I kept my hands busy during the meeting stitching a sleeve onto a wall-hanging. Then, the ride back home, earlier than usual. Our meetings have become more organized and fruitful. I used the ride to work on my baby needlework project, that I first talked about and showed a picture of, in my antique shopping blog. Back at home, I decided to begin a dress-making project. I had found a size 3 dress pattern during my search for something else last week. I dug out a purple polka dot fabric and prepared it for cutting. After cutting out the pattern, with updated styling, I began stitching it together. The sleeves and hem are all that remain to complete. I also crocheted another pair of beaded socks to go with the dress, which will be a birthday present for my only granddaughter. She will be three next month.

Sunday, however, I did not get back to my sewing machine. Instead, I drafted a newsletter for our MQN regional group. I decided to take on this project, hoping to use it to encourage current and past members to get involved again with our group. With such a large area of Michigan covering our region, it has been difficult to get involvement on a regular basis. The newsletter could be a cohesive element in bringing the group together. I included my Mystery Quilt instructions, along with upcoming meeting info, local quilt show information and information on National Quilting Day.

In my research for the quilt show information, I reviewed the pattern that National Quilting Association put out to encourage sharing and creating of quilts for National Quilting Day. I downloaded the pattern, Pointing the Way, and may have to plan on making one during the month of March. Hopefully, many of you are making plans for National Quilting Day activities, officially recognized annually on the third Saturday of March. This year's date is March 17, 2012.

Now, I am blogging. Obviously, I am feeling better. Maybe that extra day of rest from work was the answer to by doldrums. Certainly, quilting brings pleasure, so that surely was a balm for my doldrums. Whatever the reason, Sunday night brings Sue back to her usual self. Thanks to everyone for your thoughtful comments. And, keep warm during these cold, winter days. Several areas of the country have been hard hit and the furnace is running more often to keep out the chill.

Happy Stitching!

Published Sun, Jan 22 2012 7:25 PM by Pamela


# re: Sue's Week-end@ Monday, January 23, 2012 5:44 AM

You sure are a busy bee! And you work too! How do you have time to work? When do you rest?! As I used to say between 4:00 and 4:01 am! Take a little time for you.