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Folk-art Applique Heart Blocks Revisited

A week ago, I was under the knife. Today, I am recovering quietly, at home. I am still awaiting the physician to call on the biopsy test results, but am confident that there will be no cancer. Just saying that outloud to all of you (well, writing it down), is a step of faith. My husband and I have been reassured through the Spirit on more than one occasion that this will be so. God is faithful to keep his promises and we are believing ... when Jesus walked upon this earth he healed many, stating "your faith has healed you". I stand on His promise.

 So, I have been spending my time at home stitching. With the holidays over, I can concentrate on previous projects that were put on hold. I revisited the applique heart blocks, begun last November for my guilds new Applique Club. I am making two quilts - a traditional wall-haning and one that is more of a folk-art rendition of the pattern. Each month, I have completed two blocks in the traditional fashion and begun the folk-art blocks to use as demos for the guild club meeting. The November blocks were a Stained Glass Heart and a Broderie Perse & Celtic Hearts. I have completed the Folk-art design in the Stained glass block and am working on finishing the Celtic heart block,

I revised the stained glass pattern to use a different layout. The bias strip is cream, to stand out more on the black flannel background. I used dark blue plaids and a wool for the stained glass sections, along with a cut-out of two Pennsylvania Dutch looking doves, on fabric that I have had for several years. This same fabric will also be used in the Broderie Perse block.

 I found a Celtic design in the book Celtic Quilting by Gail Lawther. I enlarged the design and made the bias out of a plaid fabric. After tacking it down, I plan to place small circles of green wool around the heart shape. Here is the block in progress. Lots of pins to hold the intricate knot in place.

I also began the Shadow Applique block, which will be the demo for January, along with the Broderie Perse block. The latter has yet to be started. With the end of January looming, I need to get it started. Especially since, I also have a baby shower on the books for Februrary and a baby quilt to get finished by the first of March. Oh My! Not to mention various and asundry other projects. Groovy Girls is Saturday and I haven't finished any of the projects for Show & Tell. Kiltie Quilters is tonight, but we are just a social group. The time will be used to work on my hand stitching. I so love having a hand stitching project to take along everywhere.


Published Thu, Jan 5 2012 5:28 PM by Pamela


# re: Folk-art Applique Heart Blocks Revisited@ Thursday, January 5, 2012 5:42 PM

Pamela they are both very nice. I really like the heart!


# re: Folk-art Applique Heart Blocks Revisited@ Thursday, January 5, 2012 6:02 PM

I love your heart blocks, especially the Celtic one! Would love to see that one when it is finished! Have you in my prayers. We have an awesome God who is merciful and full of grace. Hugs. Linda


# re: Folk-art Applique Heart Blocks Revisited@ Friday, January 6, 2012 6:38 AM

Prasie God, the doctor reported NO Cancer!


# re: Folk-art Applique Heart Blocks Revisited@ Friday, January 6, 2012 11:51 PM

That is wonderful news Pamela! Enjoy your health! Thank You God!!!! Take care.