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List of Intentions for 2012

I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions. They have a reputation for being short-lived, so I have always avoided them. I do, however, make annual lists. I've mentioned before that I am a list person with a list of UFO's, so making an annual "To Do List" seems perfectly reasonable.

I have kept a journal for many years and would list my top ten goals for the new year. Generally, the list contained something I wanted to complete in the year, such as so many quilting projects or reading a certain number of books. I added goals that included my personal and professional life, family, religion, health and hobbies. This year, I haven't kept the journal since beginning this blog. So, I am placing my list here. But, I have decided to call this my "List of Intentions for 2012". The difference is that I intend to make changes throughout the year that will make an impact upon how I live my life. And, I am not writing them in a journal that no one will read. I am bearing them before everyone that reads my blog.

So, what will be my top 10 list of intentions for 2012? I have only just given thought to making this list, but I have been putting thought to my intentions for quite some time. So, I'll jump in and make the list, but may revise it down the road.

1) I will be there - physically, emotionally, and lovingly -  for both my daughters as they complete their pregnancies and bring two dear grandchildren into the world. My number one focus is my family, being there for the important events and the mundane activities that occur.

2) Put a focus to my quilting. I have dabbled in so many areas of quilting and created so many projects that will likely not be completed. I want to put into perspective why I quilt, so that my creativity can expand. This will require some thought and change in direction for how I have proceeded with quilting in the past.

3) Develop my relationship with God through meditation on His words and through prayer. It's really hard to hear His Spirt speak when there is so much noise and activity going on in one's life. So many of us need to slow down.

4) Continue to focus on my overall health. I will be experiencing a milestone birthday next year. I have not always focued upon my own well-being. Rather than regretting what I haven't done, I will focus on what I can do to keep my current level of health and make improvements that will benefit me as I age. Working for several years with the elderly has shown me what is needed to maintain independence and dignity.

5) Be an encouragement and influence to my grandchildren that will impact their lives as they grow into adulthood. This is obviously an intention that begins now and continues for many years.

6) Work side by side with my husband to secure our future retirement. With the current economy, many are feeling the pinch and we are no different. We cannot all expect to have a luxurious retirement that is touted in advertisements. I just want to be comfortable and happy.

As I have pondered what needs included on my list, I find that ten items may be unrealistic, as intentions go. These intentions aren't just a task to complete that can be counted up at the end of the year to determine success. Each intention has the ability to expand into greater possibilities that will take time and committment to maintain. Success will be measured in many different ways. Hopefully, each of you will be able to see the difference as the year progresses.

Happy New Year!

Published Sat, Dec 31 2011 8:30 PM by Pamela