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Thanksgiving: A Day for Family

Thanksgiving is certainly a day to be thankful for our families. It's not about the turkey & cranberry sauce, but the time we can spend together. My family gets together at my older sister's house. This has been tradition since our mother passed away, many years ago at a young age - 47. Which means that I am still young! Family includes both of my sisters and their now grown children. We are also starting to have additions with grandchildren, so that the house is full. Besides sharing and reminiscing over the meal, and after while we wash up my sister's china, we take time to call our younger brothers that both live out-of-state.

Since our Grandma Smith passed away this year, we no longer have any parents or grandparents involved in the holiday. I envy those who have an elderly relation that can tell stories of the past. So, we are continuing to make those traditions for our children and grandchildren. One of those traditions is the art of sewing. Tomorrow, my sisters and I will get together for what has become an annual sewing day. None of us enjoys the Black Friday crowds in the stores. Instead, we prefer to make many of our gifts. I will be stitching up flannel PJs for some great-nieces, while my sisters have their own holiday projects.

Sewing was passed along to us by our Grandma Smith. She stitched together lots of dresses for us and our cousins when we were younger. Check out this photo from the late 60's.

Grandma Smith made us matching dresses. I'm the one in the front on the left. My older sister is behind me to the left, while my younger sister is the smallest one, in the front on the right.

Although Grandma sewed, our Mother didn't do much more than mending. But, she put us into 4-H, where we learned to sew clothes. We each made many of our own clothes growing up. My older sister was the best seamstress of the three of us. I continued to sew clothes for my own children. However, I picked up the quilting bug early and began making quilts even before I had children. Now, I have gotten my sisters involved in making quilts, as well as, other crafty items.

Speaking of my Grandma Smith, I promised to show pictures of the sewing machine I acquired from her estate. She had purchased a Singer Athena 2000 sewing machine in a cabinet back in 1977. Check out my original blog post about the machine, when I purchased it from my Uncle, who bought the contents of the house from the estate. He gave me a deal, since I was family.

Here is the machine in the original cabinet.


This closeup shows the many fancy stitches on the machine that were a first of it's kind for an electronic sewing machine. I used the machine to sew a 4-patch Veteran's quilt. The straight stitch works well. I do need to have it looked at and see if it needs any kind of a tuneup. The plan is to use the machine whenever my sisters & I get together to sew at my house.

Wishing all of you had the best Thanksgiving Day!


Published Thu, Nov 24 2011 12:57 PM by Pamela


# re: Thanksgiving: A Day for Family@ Friday, November 25, 2011 2:41 AM

Pam, I love the story about your Grandma! You are very fortunate to have her sewing machine. My Grandma had a treadle sewing machine that I learned to sew on. But it was sold to the Amish who bought my grandparents house. I was so devastated when I learned that! I would have given anything to have purchased that sewing machine! Aren't those memories so precious? Thank God we have the them.