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Deer Hunter's Widow

Here I sit at my computer typing a blog post, while my husband has ventured a little further north and west to a family hunting ground. There, he will spend the next few days sitting in the woods and anticipating a chance at shooting a buck. I don't much like having him away, but I will survive. The cat will keep me company.

While he is away, I can accomplish a few sewing tasks. Not that I wouldn't do them while he was home, but I won't feel so guilty working on them. Any given evening, you will find me in my sewing room listening to the radio, while my hubby is in the living room clicking the remote from one show and back to another. Yes, there are activities that we do together. The colder months give us an opportunity to enjoy our hottub. We DVR shows that we watch together. We go for walks in the summer. When it's time for bed, we head upstairs together, where I generally read, while he catches the end of a sports event or DVR show. Just our routine.

My plan, in his absence, is to complete my MQ V quilt top. I put the blocks together this week-end using my black background fabric for the sashing. I started the borders, but I am not doing just a simple border. I decided to make a piano key border. If you are not familiar with this type of border treatment, check out this website for instructions on how to make a PK Border.

Here's an example of a PK border on a Crazy Quilt.


2004 Road to California Quilt Show - 1st Place, Traditional Wall Quilt by Melanie Murphy, Westlake Village, CA

This is how I have seen it done, although, I found this free pattern for Piano Keys, that is slightly different. Either treatment is a great way to use up the quilt scraps, while adding interest to the quilt top. Check back later in the week, when I publish a pic of my completed quilt top, for the Viewer's Choice voting in the MQ V Discussion Group.


Published Mon, Nov 14 2011 8:39 PM by Pamela


# re: Deer Hunter's Widow@ Tuesday, November 15, 2011 2:22 AM

I like piano key borders. I take strips and sew them together and always have some ready for when I need a border. When I get a basketful of strips of fabric, I sew up some more borders to have at the ready. I make them at various different widths so I'm always ready when I need a border.