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Folk-Art Heart Block

I had quite a time getting this blog post entered. My computer is old and sometimes runs slow, depending on the web traffic. I had ongoing issues last night trying to insert the media and saving the post. I had also deleted one picture and renamed the picture I used to that name. For some reason, the picture that would load was the one I deleted. After multiple tries with lockups and error screens, I ran a cleanup on my computer. Then, I experienced more trouble. I gave up frustrated after about two hours with a message that stated I had an error whenever I tried to load the QCA site. This morning was no different. I began to think that the problem was unfixable, until a QCA maintenance message appeared. Interestingly, I was able to get into my blog from a backdoor by searching for my blog name. I could type the blog post, but still couldn't insert media. Finally, after lunch, I could log in. So, here is Sue's Musings written yesterday, but for your entertainment today.

I haven’t completed a block for the Applique Club in quite some time. I had done blocks ahead to show members what to expect, should they join the club. Then, a couple of the blocks were only partially completed, so that they could be used as teaching samples.

For those that are new to my blog, I started an Applique Club at my local quilt guild with sign-up in September. The response was over-whelming with the first Club meeting held in October. The pattern selected for the group to make is Heart Sampler by Laurene Sinema from her 1992 book Applique, Applique, Applique. Some members chose to purchase a secondhand book, since it is out-of-print. Others are making their own heart patterns. Each month, a new appliqué technique is introduced.

I am making two quilts to show the traditional style block and a folk-art style rendition of the pattern. The current blocks that the members are stitching, for November, are the Buttonhole Stitch Heart and the Decorative Running Stitch Heart. In a previous post, Folk-art style heart, the folk-art style blocks were shown. Here is the completed Decorative Running Stitch Heart block.

I used a flannel stripe for the background heart and added wool hearts on top. Since I was using a flannel, I decided to tack stitch the background heart, to avoid raveling. Then, I applied the decorative stitches with a black, #12 perle cotton thread. I also altered the heart layout from the original pattern.

This month, the group will be completing a stained glass heart and a Celtic heart. They are both made with bias strips. The traditional blocks were in previous posts. The folk-art style blocks are prepared, for me to use as teaching samples. Look to see the finished blocks some time in December.

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Pamela, This is cool! We can exchange comments on each others blog too!! I can symphathize on set up time of the blog. I was as almost ready to quit before I began. Once I started tho, I was determined to binish  it. And when it comes to UFOs, don't get me started.