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Sue's Sunday Musings

Daylight Savings Time is here. Sue slept in late today, although, she did wake up at the usual time for rising. That makes up for the 4 AM rising last Wednesday when Sue couldn't sleep. So, here Sue sits sipping chocolate, raspberry flavored coffee and writing in her blog, while the sun comes streaming through the window. What a lovely, Fall Sunday.

Last week was full of activity, beginning with Halloween on Monday. My granddaughter was an adorable Snow White. We had 238 children/teens trick or treating past our house. That's a lot of candy. As a dietitian, I prefer to give out healthy snacks, but it gets too expensive anymore. We passed out the traditional stuff, tootsie rolls, dum dum suckers, Smarties, and the like. Of course, I made sure my granddaughter received something special. Her personal pumpkin had lots of her favorites: Veggie Tale fruit snacks, Goldfish crackers, bananas, and a storybook.


Here's lovely Snow White with Grandpa.

Sew, Sue says, it's time to talk about the sewing. Every week seems to be busy with some type of sewing or quilting activity. Thursday was Kiltie Quilters, where I catch up with my friends and show & tell the latest projects. Many of the ladies were doing embroidery blocks for quilts. One of the ladies is a longarmer and returned a gorgeous quilt of embroidered snowmen done in black with orange noses. The pattern was from a free download at Bunny Hill Designs. The current free pattern is  , a pieced and appliqued project.

Saturday was a trip to Common Threads for Groovy Girls Club. The latest patterns are pillows with extras for making additional embellishments. Atkinson Designs truly captures current trends with their patterns. For long-time stitchers, the techniques are just reintroductions to past techniques used in a new format i.e. zippered pillow backs using a technique for attaching the zipper in a manner used in dressmaking back in the 60's & 70's. Lots of show & tell by club members. One of my Michigan Quilt Network friends attends Groovy Girls and I shared with her the mystery quilt pattern I am planning for our Region group beginning in January.

Speaking of mysteries, I completed all my MQ V Group Media blocks. They are posted in the media section of the group, but, for those that are not members of QCA, here they are for your viewing.


The blocks will be trimmed square. I plan to use the black background fabric for 1-1/2" sashing. This should cause the block patterns to float. I will be searcing for a cheery, bright border fabric. I haven't thought too much about the quilting, yet. I will likely do something different in the block sections, matching threads with the block colors, then use black quilting in the block backgrounds and sashing. The plan is to give this to my daughter for a baby quilt. Two grandbabies expected in the Spring, so I have twice as much quilting to finish.

Have a wonderful Sunday! Enjoy!

Published Sun, Nov 6 2011 8:30 AM by Pamela


# re: Sue's Sunday Musings@ Sunday, November 6, 2011 1:18 PM

I love this pattern. Reminds me of the Christian Cross I did from Eleanor Burns' Egg Money book. The difference is the 4 small blocks around the center block. Really very nice pattern.

Enjoyed your blog too. I haven't seen a lot of active blogs, so it's nice to see the ones that are active.


# re: Sue's Sunday Musings@ Sunday, November 6, 2011 1:29 PM

Thanks, Linda. I agree. I decided that if I started the blog, I needed to keep it up. I so enjoy reading other blogs, too.