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Keeping up with the Mystery & Blogging

I have been behind with the MQ V because of my guild retreat. I had to catch up this week, since the final block layout should be revealed this week. So, Wednesday, I completed Step 4, and tonight I completed Step 5. I was able to layout the Step 6 sections to try and decide what the block would look like before we all find out tomorrow. The MQ V Forum had some photos by other mystery quilters that show the same types of blocks that I was able to make. Tomorrow will be the tell-all. It is exciting!

Aside from catching up on the mystery quilt blocks, I wanted to complete a blog post. I haven't been blogging as much. Before blogging, I wrote in a journal. Just like journaling, I seem to start with the same gusto, then taper off in my entries. There are years when I didn't write anything in my journal, or had huge gaps in my entries. Other years, I had entries almost daily for several months. My blogging has replaced my journal and seems to suffer from the same ailment. It takes effort to maintain a blog. But, I enjoy the process, so I will continue to come back to my writing.

I find it interesting that many people don't know what a blog is. Whenever I mention my blog, invariably, there is someone in the group that asks, "what's a blog?" My response is to compare it to a journal, only open for the world to read. I always felt that my journal was very private. There were journal entries that I hoped no one would ever read or, at least not until after I passed away. Blogging is immediately available for others to read, and even comment on. It makes the writer vulnerable. Bloggers have to have a thick skin.

Another issue that often arises for me is writer's block. In order to keep a blog going, there has to be something to write about. And, that something has to be interesting to the reader, in order for them to continue reading the blog. I hope that you are enjoying reading this post.

Until next time...Enjoy!

Published Thu, Oct 27 2011 9:17 PM by Pamela