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Zentangle Class at Retreat

Our Michigan Quilt Network retreat culminated yesterday. The setting was beautiful. The weather was cool and crisp; perfect for staying inside and sewing. The fundraising with the Silent Auction Baskets was successful. Our efforts raised $1257 from the baskets, garage sale items, logo merchandise, and the Civil War blotto challenge. The baskets made $439 with the highest bid at $41 for the Trick or Treat basket. Check them out and see what you think of them.

By far, my favorite part of the retreat was the Zentangle class. What is Zentangle, you say? If you like to doodle, then you will like to Zentangle. Using a 3-1/2" square of heavy cardstock, a pencil and a black micron pigma pen, you can create a decorative work of art. We learned the technique for making a Zentangle, then applied it from paper to fabric. They can be used for making a card, framed as art, or used in a sewing project. One class used three blocks to decorate the side of a purse in a previous class. What a great project for young children to teach dexterity and creativitiy.

These are all the class projects. We all followed the instructions that the teacher gave us, yet they are each unique. Mine is pictured second from the right in the bottom row.

Here's a close-up with mine pictured on the bottom right. Check out for more about Zentangle. I'll definitely be doing more of this.


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sounds intresting . Glad you had a wonderful time.barbara