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Sue's Current Projects

Sue has been busy stitching. Sometimes I wonder how she keeps all her projects organized. She worked on four different projects over the week-end and continues to have many others on tap.

1. Picked up the Honeybee Blocks again for my daughter's wedding quilt. Since I started working on the guild applique club project, I haven't been doing these blocks. I have nearly completed the honeybee applique on two more blocks. These are my carry-along project, so that I work on them whenever I have a free minute.

2. Cash & Carry bag - picked up this pattern at the Groovy Girls Club meeting on Saturday. Had to make one of them using selvedges. This was a club pattern extra provided to Groovy Girls club members last year. The bag went together so well, that I made a second bag with a clear vinyl window pocket. I have decided that this will be my Christmas project for gift-giving at work. They are a snap to make and who wouldn't love getting one of these.


3. Selected and cut out my Mystery Quilt V fabrics.

4. Cut out & put together another Stained Glass Heart block. This time, I made a Folk-art style heart block using blue homespuns, blue felted wool and a cotton fabric that has a Pennsylvania Dutch look with doves and hearts. Since the background is a black flannel and the stained glass sections are dark, I used an off-white solid to make the bias strips. I also made them very narrow; only 3/8" wide. No pic of this block yet, but will keep posting Heart Sampler blocks as they are completed.

5. Still have a quilt lying over the back of my living room sofa with the binding partially attached. I pick it up when I'm watching T.V. It should have been done by now, but I keep doing my applique.

Hopefully, if you check back in a month, my projects will have changed and I can say that some of these are done. Until then...

Published Tue, Oct 4 2011 8:13 PM by Pamela