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Mystery Quilt V

I've decided to complete the mystery quilt with the QCA. Not that I need another quilt project. I really need to be finishing projects, not starting new ones. But, I wanted to get involved with the QCA group. Mystery quilts are not my "thing", either. I enjoy the planning process. I like to doodle, plan out designs on graph paper and peruse my library of quilt books for just the right block pattern for the idea I have in my head. Then, I Iike to pull out my stash and audition fabrics until I find just the right combinations. If I cannot find the right fabric, I go shopping for it.

As of late, I have been using only fabrics in my stash. I do not need to purchase fabric any more than I need to start a new project. When I first read about this project, I thought about using up the 2-1/2" strips that I have been collecting from leftover projects. However, it became apparent that I did not have enough of similar fabrics to meet the requirement needs. When Steps 1&2 came out on Friday, I read the instructions and thought that maybe the pattern would be one that I liked. We certainly aren't strip piecing or we wouldn't be cutting everything up into squares and rectangles. The pieces will likely be sewn into flying geese units and made into some type of star. And, I love star patterns.

So, now, I am in the Mystery Quilt V Group. I finished selecting my fabrics last night and put them into the six groups to make the smaller size quilt. I had a collection of thirties strips from a guild exchange. I used these for the base of my fabric selections, along with several other strips that fit. I did have to go through my stash to find additional fabrics suitable for the strip sets. This morning, I finished cutting a couple of strips and completed the Step 1 & 2 cutting instructions. Here are my fabrics grouped together.

Since my quilt will obviously be scrappy, I needed to use a background fabric that would be less busy. Most of my larger fabrics had patterned designs or were in a color that did not go well with all the fabrics. I decided that a muslin would work well. My stash has white, cream, tan and black muslin. I decided on the black muslin, which the cut fabrics are lying on. Below, the fabrics have been placed into labeled bags, to keep myself organized. I'm sure that most quilters use some form of organization, so that their projects come out as planned. Labeled baggies worked well for this one. Plus, I have plenty of them from previous projects and block of the month purchases.

Now that I am ready to stitch, I'll have to wait for the next set of instructions. You can see all the QCA member fabric choices at the MQ V Group Media located in the MQ V Group.

Published Sun, Oct 2 2011 8:51 PM by Pamela


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Pamela, your fabric, is great