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Folk-art Style Applique Heart Blocks

If you've been following my progress, you know that I have written several posts on a guild applique club that I will be starting. The posts have shown pictures of several completed applique heart blocks in the quilt that the club will be making. Each block uses a different hand applique technique.

One of the reasons that I love applique, is that the same pattern can be done in so many different flavors. Just like a pieced pattern takes on a different look with a change in color or fabric choice, so can an applique pattern. Unfortunately, most of us do not trust ourselves to make the changes. We see a pattern, and like or dislike it, based upon the picture. A pattern you initially dislike might be tranformed into something desireable, if you could see the quilt in a different style.

Some of the guild members, that will join the Applique Club, are new to hand applique techniques. I want to be able to show them the possibilities of the design. So, today, I have posted pictures of the first two blocks in the pattern, done in different fabrics. As well, the layout is slightly different. Again, many quilters need to put aside the constraints of a pattern and take ahold of design freedom. Make the quilt your own.

I chose to use a black flannel for the background of these blocks. Felted wools, homespun plaids, and additional flannels are used for the applique pieces. I have also chosen a cotton fabric with a folk-art motif to use in later blocks. The intent is to create more of a folk-art style block.

Block #! - Buttonhole Stitch Applique Heart. This block uses felted wools for the hearts and #8 black perle cotton to complete the stitching. Because of the thickness of the wool shapes, the wool hearts were first appliqued to each other before appliqueing the red heart to the flannel background.

Alternate Block #2 - Decorative Running Stitch Applique Heart. This block is unfinished. It will have decorative running stitches around the edges of all the heart shapes. I again plan to use the #8 black perle cotton on the wool shapes, but may use 40 wt. black cotton thread on the flannel background heart. The block is in the initial stages, so that it can be used as a teaching tool at the installment meeting of the Applique Club.

I wanted to show both blocks together, so that you could refer back to the first applique blocks for comparison. Check out the blog post that discussed making the first applique heart blocks. Then, try out your own ideas and make an applique heart block of your own.


Published Fri, Sep 23 2011 8:30 PM by Pamela