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Sisters in Stitches

My two sisters and I like to sew. We've been sewing since we were young, when our mother put us into a 4-H group. Actually, my younger sister would take offense; she was too young to take 4-H the first year. After learning to sew, we each spent a great deal of time sewing our own clothes. I must say, my older sister was the better seamtress.

Over the years, we have each developed our sewing skills differently. I have gone the route of quilting, while my older sister has mostly made clothing and my younger sister has done very little sewing, because she lacked a sewing machine. I got my older sister interested in quilting several years ago and we started getting together to sew. My younger sister joined us two years ago in the Spring when she finally bought a sewing machine. She vowed to complete a quilt she had started umteen years ago and give it to her first grandchild. We got together to sew at a local quilting house and spent the entire day together. Since then, we have tried to meet every couple of months at one or the other's house. We have also attended a retreat together and returned to the quilt house for a sewing day. We talk, laugh, talk some more, and dream about having some kind of business together that would allow us to use our sewing talents.

Last week-end was another one of those sewing days. We met at my younger sister's house at 10 AM. We planned a lunch, which included homemade potato soup, homemade bread in the bread machine and a broccoli & cauliflower salad. Yum!!  We set up our machines and started sewing individual projects. We decided to complete a project together after lunch. This is our first and involved making stuffed fabric pumpkins to use in our Fall decorating. They are scented with cloves and use a cinnamon stick for the stem. As usual, the day progressed much too quickly and we didn't get everything done that we had hoped.

Oh well, we have another sewing day planned in October. And, the first Saturday in October marks the second round of the Groovy Girls Club at our local quilt shop. We have all agreed to participate. Also, since none of us cares to shop on Black Friday and two of our husbands make us widows during deer season, we are planning a week-end sew-in for Friday & Saturday of Thanksgiving week-end. We have two additional group projects planned. The first is vegetable shaped pot holders, the second is an iron travel case that doubles for a take-along ironing mat, and the third is tote pattern.

Sisters are such a blessing. And, Sisters in Stitches is such fun! Here's to hoping you have fun sewing with your sisters.

Published Tue, Sep 20 2011 9:13 PM by Pamela


# re: Sisters in Stitches@ Wednesday, September 21, 2011 12:56 AM

This weekend is my annual Sisters Weekend with my 4 older sisters.  They are 10, 11, 12 and 16 years older than me.  We have been doing Sisters Weekend for 20 years, we have gone to cabins, spent the weekend in downtown Minneapolis a couple of times, went to a Vikings game one year, a Twins game another.  We took a road trip from Minneapolis to Chicago, one year, 3 of my sisters live in Northern Minnesota so they had to make a little longer trip. My oldest sister and I live in the Twin Cities and we have been the ones that travel most of the time, to the North Shore one year.   Several years we even invited our Mother with, and we are very Thankful that we did, those were the last few years of her life.  The one constant about Sisters Weekend is that we always make it to at least one Quilt Store, usually two and hopefully more.  This didn't start until thirteen years ago we each embroidered 5 blocks for a quilt and we put the quilt together and hand quilted most of it at Sisters Weekend and gave it to our mother for Christmas that year.  You are right, Sisters are such a blessing, And Sisters in Stitches are not only fun, they are twice the blessing!!