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Quilting instead of Blogging

I spent last evening preparing two of my heart applique blocks. My husband had suggested that I do my blogging before it was late, but I decided to quilt instead. I've found that I am spending more time on the computer than in the past, just surfing and reading. Besides QCA, I've been checking Facebook more often and reading various quilting blogs.

Barbara Brackman has a new blog featuring quilts from the early 1800's. She will be blogging through the end of 2012, to commemorate the War of 1812 and quilts from that time period.  She recently wrote about Medallion quilts and had a quilt with examples of broderie perse. That reminded me of my next heart applique block. It uses the broderie perse technique to applique a flowery shape inside the heart applique shape.

Chintz fabric was first popular in England before being imported to America. The fabric originated in India and had flowers, animals and other shapes printed on it. The words  "broderie perse" mean Persian embroidery in French. The applique technique refers to cutting shapes from the chintz fabric and appliqueing around the shape onto a ground fabric. Since chintz fabric was expensive, due to high import prices and England's refusal to allow America to manufacture it's own fabrics, women could only afford a small yardage. They cut out the shapes and appliqued them to a larger ground to make more use of the fabric. I envision young ladies sitting in their parlors in the afternoon embroidering cushions and stitching coverlets while someone plays the piano - Pride & Prejudice and Little Women style.

So, now that I have returned to blog, my quilting is suffering. I could accomplish so much more stitching if I spent less time blogging. My husband can think of other things that I am neglecting, as well. Blogging can be addictive; whether writing a blog or reading one. So, I will complete this post and spend a little time appliqueing my broderie perse heart. Then, I can say that I accomplished a little bit of quilting and a little bit of blogging.

Published Tue, Sep 13 2011 8:46 PM by Pamela