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Silent Auction Baskets - Round Two

Today, I'm tired. Probably from sorting through boxes of MQN guild member donations for the silent auction baskets. My quilt friend NS and I sorted, folded and put together 13 baskets to use for our fund raiser at our annual Michigan Quilt Network gathering. My game room is still in chaos, with items strewn about in piles of "like" items for possible baskets. There are books, patterns, kits, UFO projects, scraps of fabric, yardage pieces of fabric, notions, and a hodge podge of quilty extras - note cards, tins, ecetera. Not all the donations are quilty items, but generally they are related to crafts. There are cross-stitch, felt, crochet/knitting, and other sewing related items. There are some scrapbook supplies and a few cookbooks. Someone even donated a sewing machine in a case. Both NS & I think that some individuals used the donations as a way to get rid of items they should have just thrown away.

Currently, two boxes of items are dedicated to "Garage Sale" items. One box contains kits that have not been opened. Another box contains UFO's of everything imaginable. There were a few quilt blocks. We both agreed that one could be put into the ugliest quilt and win. Probably why it was donated.

The completed baskets are themed and include a book, patterns, fabric, notions and miscellaneous items to make the basket attractive enough to purchase. There is a holiday themed basket for Halloween and three for Christmas including Snowmen, Angels and Santas. Someone donated a lot of Debbie Mumm fabrics. From these, we made a Debbie Mumm Christmas basket, a Tea Time basket, and a Gardner's Delight basket. There is a Strippers basket with strips and thangles, a Cook's basket with an apron pattern and food motif fabrics, a Patriotic basket, and a small Purple Lover's basket. Other ideas that haven't been completed include a Vintage basket, a Flower Garden basket, a Fall basket, a Charm basket and several "color themed" baskets.

Even with thirteen baskets completed, we still have more items than we can possibly use. We planned to only make 20 baskets, since there are only about 100 members attending the gathering this October. This will be the first year, since making them for a fund-raiser, that the event is not in conjunction with a quilt show open to the public. Therefore, we didn't want to make more baskets than we felt would be purchased by members. The remaining items will go into the "Garage Sale" section of the display. Some items went into File Thirteen.

Sometime, before the end of today, I need to reorganize the room so that it is passable and my husband is able to play pool. He kept looking into the room yesterday to see our progress and expressed his unlikely ability to play pool for a couple of weeks. He's trying to figure out where everything is going to go when the project is done. It fit so nicely into several boxes. But, now that it's in baskets, it takes up a lot more space. Oh well! The price of having a wife for a quilter.

Published Sun, Sep 11 2011 2:29 PM by Pamela