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Stained glass applique heart block

I completed the next installment of my applique heart blocks. This one was not without frustration. It uses a bias strip over the edges of the block sections to obtain a stained glass window look. Unfortunately, the bias strip was not long enough to complete the circumference of the heart, so that I had to trim off at an intersection. Then, I trimmed too much and did not leave an end to tuck underneath the previous seam. I had to unsew, then restitch the bias tape. I was able to reattach without having to remove the entire bias strip.

The process of attaching bias strips with a blind stitch is fast, for me anyway. It's much like attaching a binding, which I enjoy. I think that I would enjoy making an entire quilt with appliqued bias strips. In fact, it made me think of my son-in-law. He really like Celtic images and I have always wanted to make a Celtic quilt design. I will have to search through my quilt books to find the perfect design to make a quilt for him. I mentioned the process for making the bias strips in the blog Summer is ending.... I learned the technique from Gwen Marston. Cut strips on the bias - they don't have to be at an exact angle. Make the first cut, then cut additional strips using a rulet ro measure the desired width. Stitch together several strips to make longer strips. Set your sewing machine to a basting stitch and use a contrasting color thread. Now, place the strip right side down. Fold over the edges so that they overlap on the top. Begin basting down the center of the strip, catching in the two edges. Contine to fold and baste until you reach the end of the strip. Several strips can be continuously stitched. After the bias strips have been stitched to the quilt, remove the basting stitches.

Here is a pic of the completed block.


The next block is a Shadow Applique Heart. This is a new technique for me, but I like the look of the block in the book. If I continue to complete one block weekly, I will be prepared for my guild presentation at the end of the month.


Published Tue, Sep 6 2011 7:46 PM by Pamela


# re: Stained glass applique heart block@ Tuesday, October 18, 2011 8:46 PM

Very pretty stainedglass I love that. It's so pretty. Sue