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Amish Quilt Auction & Flea Market

Labor Day Week-end - spent time away from home camping for the last two nights. We got together with a group of friends and went to the Amish Quilt Auction & Flea Market held in Clare, Michigan. The Amish hold the auction each spring before Memorial Day and at the end of summer the week-end of Labor Day.

Lots of gorgeous quilts were on the auction block. For those that are not familiar, the quilts are not all amish made. The Amish hold the auction, but individuals may place up to two quilts in the auction and the Amish receive a percentage of the sale. The quilts must be hand quilted. The highest selling quilt went for $1000 and was made by a woman from Canada. The auctioneer indicated that the woman has placed quilts in the auction for several years and they are always high quality.

My friend, KS, invited everyone to her summer house to camp and attend the event on Saturday. She has attended the auction for years and always spends Saturday watching the quilt auction. The storm, that blew through the area, came shortly after we arrived and went into the auction barn. The rain storm lasted for about an hour and brought everyone into the quilt auction barn and caused the amish to light lamps so that everyone could see the quilts.

Later, my husband and I walked through the flea market. There's always something to buy, if you know what you're looking for. I purchased several sewing items - rickrack, buttons, homespun fabric, a packet of quilt patterns, a quilted wallhanging kit, two embroidered dresser scarves not quite finished, lace, and a cookie cutter. I got all this for less than $30. I also picked up a lovely blue, plaid, pleated, wool skirt at an antique shop on the drive home today. After I felt the wool, I'll have about a yard of fabric for only $7.20, which is significantly less than buying it premade at a quilt shop.

With the decline in the U.S. economy, I am taking the recycling route for obtaining some of my sewing and quilting supplies. Can't beat a bargain!

Published Sun, Sep 4 2011 9:25 PM by Pamela