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Monday's Musings #4

What are the best things to do on Mondays? After a 4-day week-end, I certainly didn't want to go back to work. But, work was not difficult today. We had a division meeting at a local park with a potluck and games. Just a day to socialize with the work gang. It was lots of fun. Although, I need to remember my age. Playing kickball is a child's game and trying to beat out the ball to first base is grounds for a pulled hamstring and gluteal muscle. It was a bonus to get home earlier than usual.

The house was quieter than usual, as well, when I got home. Our granddaughter is no longer coming over for a couple of hours until her daddy comes home from work and while her mommy goes to works. Daddy is out of the State helping with hurricane cleanup, so mommy is no longer working. Sure miss seeing her and I just spent two days with her on the week-end with the yard sale.

Binding is attached to the Blotto Block quilt. It is a green color and sets off the pink sashing on the quilt, along with the other green colors that are throughout the quilt. I was able to ease in the binding, so that the edges of the quilt aren't wavy. A couple of hours each night this week and the binding should be done. My goal of completing quilts, instead of starting new ones, is moving along. However, I did start the quilt for the guild Applique Club. So, I gues these two quilts cancel each other out.

Our guild has a new website with more features and a Facebook page. We have a new quilter in the guild that took over the Newsletter/Website and has already advanced us into the age of the social network. Now members can socialize online between meetings and the guild can be advanced through a new media. Our 2011 quilt show is coming October 8th & 9th - Michigan in Stitches. If you are from the central Michigan area, check out our Mid-Michigan Quilters' Guild. We'd love to have you join us or see our quilt show.

Well, Monday is winding down. I plan to do some hand stitching before heading off to bed.

May you sleep peacefully under a quilt somewhere tonight.

Published Mon, Aug 29 2011 7:05 PM by Pamela