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Hometown Fest

Our local community is having it's Hometown Fest this week-end. It features a bed race, ice cream social at the local historical society, and a fireman's waterball contest. We always eat at the Chicken BBQ and walk around looking at the craft booths. A local ochestra plays music on the court house lawn and the kids have games and inflatables to play inside. The Farmer's Market is set up with lots of homegrown fruits and vegetables. Cotton candy and kettlecorn booths provide treats. Community-wide yard and garage sales abound. And, the Presbyterian Church has a quilt show.

If you live in a small town, you know the kind of festival I'm talking about. I remember doing this type of festival when I was young. The local historical society was a dime store called Hanner's and they sponsored children's games and had a giveaway. My sister won the pink, banana seat bicycle and got her picture in the newspaper. The best part about this type of festival is that it encourages a return to your hometown. I see lots of old friends and family, as well as, local community members. And, it brings out local crafters with their wares. Some of the booths are the same individuals that come back year after year.

The quilt show displayed many lovely example of old and modern day quilts. Two favories were a Grandmother's Flower Garden and a batik applique of baskets, flowers, and birds. I believe the pattern was called The Brown Bird. It was made entirely from batiks with fine applique stitches and embroidery. The flower garden quilt was completely hand stitched and hand quilted. The hexagons were quite small - maybe 1" across - and the background was pink rather than the usual white or cream. I was able to view many examples of quilts, although only forty quilts were displayed. The quilters were old and young. This type of community quilt show provides opportunities for a look at quilts that might not usually be seen. National quilt shows and local guild shows display member quilts. Members prefer to place their recent creations on display, so that older quilts and quilts by those that own, but do not make, quilts are not usually seen. Community quilt shows are nostalgic. They provide an historical look at quilting within the community.

Check out your community quilt shows and enjoy!

Published Sat, Aug 27 2011 3:19 PM by Pamela