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Yard Sale

My daughter & I are having a yard sale on Thursday & Friday. Not a sale that has to do with fabric, although I could use my proceeds to buy some yards at a sale. No, the usual kind of yard sale where you get rid of things you don't want anymore. The one that goes with the phrase, "One man's trash is another man's treasure".

As I've gone through closets and cupboards, I have come across items that I haven't seen in awhile. But, I cannot seem to part with some items. I found some draperies that I tried to sell in a previous yard sale, but was thinking that I could cut up the fabric and use it to recover the cushion on my porch swing. It certainly would be cheaper than buying canvas fabric at JoAnn's, even with a yard sale - pun intended. I also have a closet full of crafty stuff - fabric scraps, baskets, patterns, fiberfil stuffing, T-shirts to make quilts, old blue jeans to make other quilts, paints, china doll heads, neck ties for another quilt..... I really need to rid myself of those things that I no longer do or will never make. Never is such an absolute. Maybe I will make those quilts or that craft project, I say. Wouldn't it be fun to resurrect an old craft project and complete it for my grandchild. I cannot part with those pieces of fabric for a yard sale price. They're worth more to me than that.

It appears that I may never get rid of any of this "stuff". So, I will continue to have boxes of old quilt magazines, vintage fabric scraps from clothing I made as a teenager, and boxes of old neck ties and blue jeans that may someday be made into a quilt.

Published Wed, Aug 24 2011 9:08 PM by Pamela


# re: Yard Sale@ Sunday, August 28, 2011 2:47 PM

I went on a clearing out binge this Spring. If I hadn't seen it, used it or even needed it within the past year, out it went. I had a yard sale. Kept a big box right next to me. When that sale was over, I immediatly boxed up what didn't sell and took it to the local Thrift Store. In our town, the Thrift Store has a fabric/quilt dept. There are such great buys on fabric, quilt books, even unfinished quilts. I, also, donate to the local Library any books or mags that I no longer use. Gives me more space and helps others.