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Monday's Musings #3

I came home today and noticed the sparrows fighting over the bird feeder in the backyard. I hadn't filled the feeder for a least a month and decided to yesterday. There were more than a dozen birds fighting over a space on the perch. Watching them, you begin to understand the phrase "pecking order". Some of the birds literally pecked at another, while the other flapped it's wings, trying to maintain their position on the feeder. Others remained on the deck railing or rooftop, observing the display, not once attempting to land on the feeder. A couple of ingenious sparrows, picked up the seed that was scattered onto the ground or deck. One would have thought that  the birds hadn't eaten since the last time I put out birdseed.

The mailperson delivered my 2011 Show Special edition of the Quilting Quarterly today, NQA's member magazine. I so enjoyed the NQA quilt show this year and cannot wait to browse through the pages to see all those gorgeous quilts, again.

In a previous Picture Play blog, I talked about one of my guild's education projects, that I recently completed. Our project for last year was along the same vein, with I Spy/Picture Play quilts donated to local libraries to use in their children's sections. I chose to make the pattern "Stepping Stones" from Picture Play Quilts by Ami Simms, Mallery Press, LLC, 2000. I have a collection of novelty prints, as well as, some prints from an exchange with a fellow quilter. The quilt used two sizes of fussy-cut pictures in the design. Words representing the pictures were printed onto muslin and pieced into the outside border. The quilt hangs at the Alma Public Library, which has been a supporter of the art of quilting for many years. My local group, the Kiltie Quilters, meets there twice a month to socialize, exchange ideas and tie off quilts we donate to local families that have house fires. I enjoy seeing the quilt hanging in a seating area of the library. I made sure that the Librarian knew that the quilt was to be used and that children could play a word/picture identification game with it. 

Stepping Stones quilt for 2010 MMQG Library Education Project - hangs at Alma Public Library, Alma, MI.

Close-up of a corner of the quilt.

I made one other quilt from the book, but do not seem to have a picture of it. I gave it to my first grandchild, who was born 2-1/2 years ago. I may need to begin a second one soon, since I am expecting my second grandchild in March 2012. It is such fun to find fabric to make these quilts. I certainly have enough in my stash to make another one. Unfortnuately, I cannot find a photo of that quilt. I will have to pull it out of my granddaughter's room and get a snapshot to post.



Published Mon, Aug 22 2011 6:27 PM by Pamela