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Monday's Musings #2

It's Monday again. Murphy's Law seemed to rule the day at work. I'm not letting him get ahold of my evening.

I worked for about an hour on the binding of the education project quilt. Then, I had to put it aside to begin a block to show as a sample for the guild board. I have put together a plan for an Applique Club with a project to complete during the next guild year. I must present the club idea with the project to the board tomorrow night, so I wanted to come prepared with a partially completed block. I am using Laurene Sinema's book Applique! Applique! Applique! The Complete Guide to Hand Applique for the project pattern called Heart Sampler. I don't expect there to be a problem starting the club - the guild is always looking for someone to head up a guild club or exchange - the board meeting is just a formality.

It's such fun digging through the piles of fabric to select just the right combination of colors. I have a rainbow of fat quarters chosen to make the nine heart blocks. I may not use all of them, but could not decide which fabrics to put back on the shelf. I will narrow them down as I complete each block. Block one has three colors of hearts layered atop each other and stitched with a blanket stitch. Using crayola colors, I have chosen a cornflower, goldenrod, and radical red for my colors of the hearts. Check out the Crayon box of colors Crayola offers. Besides the feel of fabric,  color is the next thing that grabs my attention at a quilt shop. Certain patterns just call out for a certain color, so having a stashful to choose from is so important to the quilter.

Night has fallen and now is the time for sleeping. The crickets are chirring outside, as the windows are open to let in the cool air. The moon and stars have been radiant in the clear sky. Summer is winding down.

Good Night!

Published Mon, Aug 15 2011 6:03 PM by Pamela