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I Spy or Picture Play type quilt

The education project is slated for completion. Another half hour of tack stitches and the binding will be totally attached. The label is ready to go and should only take another 20 minutes.

Some of you are asking, "what's an education project?" I belong to the Mid-Michigan Quilters' Guild and we complete a raffle quilt whenever we hold a quilt show. This Fall will be our third show in five years. In order to maintain our non-profit status, our raffle license stipulates that the proceeds from the raffle will be used to provide educational opportunities to the community, which also fits into our guild's mission. A committee works to determine viable projects. This year's project involved creating "I Spy" or "Picture Play" type wall quilts for a new kid's discovery museum. Each quilt represents a different area within the museum and will be displayed in that area. My quilt theme is "Greenhouse" with suggested fabrics representing growing things, woodsy feel, and stepping stones. Each quilt also has a focus fabric within it, so that it becomes a game to try and find the fabric in each quilt as the kid's tour the museum. I ended up using the focus fabric in the binding. If you look closely at the right side of the quit, you will note the difference in the binding color.

Check out the finished quilt.

Greenhouse quilt education project 2011 Mid-Michigan Quilters' Guild.

Published Mon, Aug 15 2011 9:55 PM by Pamela