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What I completed yesterday

It's "Later..." I spent all afternoon and evening working on a block that I drafted for a Country Woman magazine block contest. I finally got the block the way I wanted it, but decided I had worked on that project long enough. So, I started the binding for the guild education project that I had decided to make on Saturday. I was able to cut and piece together the strips for the binding, but decided I would get a good nights rest before continuing with attaching it.

Today, I measured twice and cut once, as carpenter's are taught. I find that when I get in a hurry and don't remeasure, I make mistakes. I had to add a few more strips to get the needed length for the binding. I measured again before stitching the final bias seam, but left a length of fabric, just to be sure. I have had to tear out seams and add more fabric to a binding before because I measured incorrectly. This time, the binding went on the quilt edge like a charm. I completed the process the same as I decribed in my blog about binding using a 2-1/8" strip. I am very pleased with the results. Tonight, I will stitch the binding down and attach the prepared label. Pictures to follow...

Then. I'll have to go back to that block contest project to finish it.

Published Sun, Aug 14 2011 4:03 PM by Pamela