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Saturday's quilting project

I went out for my morning walk and got caught in the rain. The ground was already wet and the lightning was off to the West, so I thought that the rainstorm had passed. Unfortunately, it hadn't and I was 6 blocks from home when the rain began again. I ended up jogging between trees to stay as dry as possible, but still got drenched, my shoes squishing and my hair dripping.

So, "when it rains, I quilt"... Today I will forego my earlier plans and stay home and quilt. The biggest challenge will be deciding which project to work on first. I have a challenge quilt that is yet to be started, a guild education project for a new kid's museum that needs the binding made & attached, another of my own quilts waiting on the binding, and a new guild project that needs samples created. Three of the projects need completed sometime in the next month. That narrows the list. I should probably finish a project before I start another one. Then, I can cross one item off my list. By reasonable deduction, I have decided to do the binding. I'll meet everyone back here later.

Published Sat, Aug 13 2011 10:51 AM by Pamela

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