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Picture This quilt completed for show

I have been challenging myself to complete a quilt to display in the St. John's Mint Festival quilt show. Last night, I finished stitching the binding. So, all that remains is to make the label. I began the quilt in March 2010 during a quilt guild class called Picture Perfect taught by Janna Rust-Getzin of Midland, Michigan. Each participant selected a photo in advance of the class and the teacher made them into a 24X36 inch blueprint enlargement. Each part of the photo was made into a pattern and the fabric used was based upon the value on the black and white enlargement. The class supplies said to choose five fabrics from shades of black and white. I decided to use brown to cream and the effect was the same. The pieces were fused to a muslin background, then fused to a background piece.


This is the photo of my granddaughter that I selected. She was about 9 months old at the time and this picture captures her joyful personality. Her eyes are an amazing blue that sparkle, and I wanted to capture that aspect in my quilt.


 Here is the finished quilt. It measures 26-3/8"X26-3/8" square. As you may notice, I like a scrappy quilt. I made the background from 5-inch charm squares. Some of the fabrics were purchased many years ago. As an example, three of the blues and the binding are leftover Moda Marbles by Patrick Lose from a quilt of the month I purchased back in 1999. I chose the blue fabrics to pull the color from her eyes. I also chose various pinks for her top to add interest.

This close-up shows more of the facial details. I finished this quilt a year ago, but hesitated to complete the quilting, because I felt I would ruin the quilt with my quilting. But, I was determined and finally got up enough courage to begin. I am pleased with the results. The quilting on the appliqued photo was mostly done with a clear embroidery foot, although some of the stitching on the pink top was FMQ. The applique photo is heavily quilted, while the background charms has a simple FMQ pattern that I created. Although the mouth did not turn out as well as I had hoped, the eyes look nearly perfect to me. Next time I give this a try, I will have some experience under my quilt belt.

I really cannot blog anymore tonight. I need to finish a label to attach to the quilt before I can go to bed. I have to drop off the quilts at the festival on my way home from work tomorrow night. I am displaying three quilts. One was posted previously in the Mint Festival blog and in My Gallery. Here is the other one. This quilt was also made in a guild sponsored quilt class taught by Ami Simms of Flint, Michigan. The name of the pattern is Twisted Sister. This is another example of my modern scrap quilts. I really enjoyed making this quilt. Piecing the set-in seams of the blocks is not as complicated as it first appears.


Published Wed, Aug 10 2011 7:48 PM by Pamela


# re: Picture This quilt completed for show@ Wednesday, August 10, 2011 10:53 PM

Hi, good to see another person who does photo quilts. I completed one on my grandmother a few years back.  But alas I have to go hunting for it since I have moved after making it and several years later still hunting for it.


# re: Picture This quilt completed for show@ Thursday, August 11, 2011 10:27 AM

Beautiful quilt, Beautiful Grand-dughter.  She has amazing eyes, and you were able to capture that in you quilt.


Lola M