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Sue's Sunday Challenge Continues

Sue met her challenge today and finished the FMQ on the photo quilt of my granddaughter. I was also able to prepare and attach the binding. The quilt measures 26-3/8" X 26-3/8" square. The detail quilting on the face was challenging, but looks realistic. I am pleased with the results, especially since this was my first attempt at this type of piecing. Some of the quilting is more like thread painting, which is also something that I haven't tried very much. Since there was so much quilting of small areas, there were a lot of threads to bury in the sandwich, which takes a great deal of time and patience. I used to just backspace the beginning and ending FMQ stitches and trim the threads, but did not like the results. As well, a quilt judge commented on this aspect of a quilt needing improvement. So, I no longer backspace stitches and began knotting and burying my FMQ threads.

Now, all that remains to finish the quilt is to slip stitch the binding and attach a label. My quilt will be ready for the quilt show at the Mint Festival this week-end, August 12-14. Tomorrow, I will have to take photos and upload them for everyone to see the finished quilt.

Thank-you to everyone for your comments reagarding my Grandma Smith and my blog. I have always enjoyed writing in my journal. Over the years, I have written a great deal about my quilting. This blog allows me to share those quilting thoughts with you, my QCA friends.

Published Sun, Aug 7 2011 10:01 PM by Pamela