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Kiltie Quilter Thursday

Twice a month, I meet up at the local library with a group of quilters to socialize. I've been attending this group since the late eighties and there never seems to be more than ten or twelve regulars in the group.  We've organized quilt shows, pieced & tied quilts to give to local families that have a house fire, and taken quilt excursions together over the years. These ladies are my mentors and my friends.

Tonight is supposed to be one of the nights that we tie together a nine-patch quilt to have on hand in case someone has a house fire. It's always a nine-patch quilt. Such a simple pattern, but fun to make. There are so many variations that can be made out of it. The block can be a traditional two color or made totally scrappy. It can be pieced on point with side setting triangles or sashed with cornerstones.  Variations include the double nine patch, four patch/nine patch, and Oklahoma Nine Patch. And who doesn't enjoy a Snowball & Nine Patch design. It's fun to see the blocks all put together.

Since it's time to leave, I will have to cut today's blog entry short. Happy Quilting!

Published Thu, Aug 4 2011 7:00 PM by Pamela