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More about quilting books

Now that I've gotten started on books, you may recall that I indicated I am a list person - OCD stuff - and have a list of all my quilting projects (see blog post on 7/29/11). I also have numerous quilt books and they are organized, alphabetically, by author, on shelves in my sewing room. I began my quilt book collection in the 1980's and had numerous subscriptions to book clubs and annual realeases of books. I have every edition of Great American Quilts, published by Oxmoor House, from 1990 to 2004. Some books have been won at guild give-a-ways, retreats or quilt shows. Often, local libraries discard old books and I was able to pick up a 1935 edition of The Romance of the Patchwork Quilt in America by Carrie Hall and Rose Kretsinger for free. Quilt friends often decide to trim down their collection of books, while others were acquired when a quilt friend passed away. Some were flea market or antique shop finds, while others were purchased at major quilt shows. It's hard to resist book purchases when a booth has literally hundreds of copies from which to choose.

Some of the books provide patterns, while others have various instructions on quilting such as choosing fabric, making binding, using specialty rulers created by the author, etc. Others are spinkled with stories of quilters in various parts of the country. One such book is A People and Their Quilts by John Rice Irwin with photographs by Robin Hood. The author traveled extensively throughout Tennessee and into the Appalachians, visiting long time residents and collecting stories and conversations about life and quilting. Beautiful photographs of quilts and their makers, along with conversations and geneology fill the 214 page book. I also discovered a booklet amongst my parent's belongings from the Henry Ford Museum in Dearborn, Michigan titled Susan McCord's Quilts, A Farmwife's Legacy.  The museum houses a collection of her quilts and the booklet provides the history of the author and photographs of the collection with detailed examples of her exquisite applique and quilting.

I often browse through my book collection and pull down a volume to revisit. The photograph shows my quilting room after it was organized back in 2008. I have since acquired several more books, fabric and patterns that has caused the space to sprawl into the adjoining room. If I weren't so busy completing quilting projects and blogging, I might be able to reorganize.


Published Tue, Aug 2 2011 8:15 PM by Pamela