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Sue's Sunday Challenge 2

As I've mentioned before, I like to make lists. Lists define my plans for the day and keep me on track. Sometimes, I even strategize a list of daily goals for a quilt project, so that I can get it done within a certain time frame. Well, last week's Challenge started one of those goals. I set a deadline for completion of a quilt by committing to enter it into a quilt show. I have been working away at the FMQ at least every other day. Since the quilt entry is August 11th, I only have twelve days left to finish the quilt.

Finishing includes (and here's my list): 1) the final quilting, 2) burying the remaining quilting threads, 3) making a binding, 4) adding the binding, 5) hand stitching down the binding, 6) adding a hanging sleeve, and 7) adding a label. There is plenty of time to complete this quilt. Today, Sue's Sunday Challenge is to complete the rest of the FMQ in my background fabric. If this moves along quickly, I may even be able to finish the finer quilting detail in the applique picture of my granddaughter's face. The remainder of the week can be used to make and attach the binding and hanging sleeve. Then, I will be able to "reveal" the quilt with next Sunday's Challenge 3 - and three is my lucky number.

Published Sun, Jul 31 2011 2:24 PM by Pamela